Chef #

Hey! My name is Celina and I am a professional Chef.

Professionally cooking for “little ones” and privately expressing myself in the kitchen at home with my family.

I know how important is healthy eating along with looking at what our food contains. I am allergic to nuts, this is why my kitchen takes greater care, to prepare nut-free recipes safe for those who need to look out for what they eat.

Website #

YummyRecipes.uk is a website with recipes for everyone and my cookbook with my favourite recipes.

Our recipes concentrate on what’s most important for our readers, with no-nonsense content that nobody wants to read. Straight to the point.

Each of the recipes is made by myself, tested and tried, and through it, I want to share the knowledge with you.

Whatever you find on the website, you can use it for free for non-commercial, personal use. For anything else, you need to obtain written permission.

And Remember, we are YummyRecipes with dot and just UK at the end.

All our images are copyright protected.

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