Raspberry Cake Pudding

Inspired by the English trifle dessert, I created a raspberry cake pudding. It is easy to make with simple ingredients and has the taste of summer with raspberries and a hint of mint.

preparation: 4 hour(s)

making: 20 minutes

total: 4 hour(s) 20 minutes

servings: 15 pieces

nutrition: 146 calories per serving

cuisine: British


  • 4 eggs
  • 150g white granulated sugar
  • 150g self-raising flour how to?
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 15g poppy seeds
  • ½ medium lemon, for juice
  • 1 raspberry jelly (Hartley’s), 135g
  • 200g raspberries, frozen or fresh
  • 500ml fresh double cream what is?
  • 3 tbsp icing sugar how to?

For decorating

  • a few mint leaves
  • a few raspberries
  • 1 tsp icing sugar, for dusting how to?


All ingredients on the tabletop are ready to make Raspberry Cake Pudding

Let’s start with jelly

Prepare the jelly according to the instructions on the package. Pour into a jug, cool down a bit then place into the fridge.

Leave jelly in the fridge for an hour or two or until its starts setting and getting thicker. Make sure that jelly will not set fully.

In the meantime let’s make the cake base

Heat an oven to 170C with a fan.

Line the baking tray (24/35cm) with baking parchment. 

Separate the whites from the yolks into two bowls. 

Mixing egg whites in a mixing bowl using a hand mixer

Place the whites into the mixing bowl. Add a pinch of salt and beat to a stiff foam using a hand mixer at high speed.

Add gradually sugar, spoon by spoon, and whisk until dissolved.

Add yolks, one at a time, then lemon juice and poppy seeds. Mix until combined.

The mixture should be light and fluffy at this stage.

Sift the flour with baking powder and add to the mixture.

Fold with a spatula.

Do not use the mixer at this stage.

The cake mixture is placed in a tin before baking

Gently transfer the dough onto the tin and even out.

Baked cake in a tin taken from the oven

Bake 20 minutes after which take out and allow to fully cool down.

Baked cake upside down in a tin without baking paper

Remove the baking paper and place the cake, upside down, back into the tray.

Making groove in a cake with crumbles on top

Using a fork make a groove into a cake leaving around 2 cm around the edges.

Cake prepared with a groove and crumples on a side in a bowl

Make it the depth of raspberry but no more than half of the total thickness of the cake. Keep the crumbles.

The cake is filled with raspberries in a groove with poured setting jelly

Place raspberries on the cake inside the groove then pour evenly almost-setting jelly. Leave some raspberries for decoration.

Remember that jelly needs to be at the point that is not liquid anymore, so it will not soak into the cake, but before the stage when it starts to set.

Place the cake into the fridge to allow the jelly to set completely.

Let’s prepare a cream

Pour the double cream into the mixing bowl and add icing sugar.

Mix using a hand mixer at high speed until the cream gets thicker.

Be careful to do not over-mix. The cream must be fluffy but not too stiff.

Cake covered with whipped double cream

When the jelly is fully set, take the cake out of the fridge and spread the cream evenly on top.

Cake covered with crumbles on top ready for decoration with mint and raspberries

Put the remaining cake pieces and decorate with raspberries and mint leaves.

Cake decorated with mint and raspberries on top of the crumble

As a last step, dust lightly with icing sugar.

Your raspberry cake pudding is ready.

Piece of Raspberry Cake Pudding on a plate with a portion of it on a fork

Refrigerate overnight before serving.